Executive Leadership Coach | Public Speaker | FBI Special Agent (Retired)


Executive Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a Coach and an Executive.  Through a process of self-discovery, goal setting and specific action steps, Coaching can provide the realization of extraordinary results.


Executive Coaching makes a difference when two factors are present:

     1.  The Executive is willing to change and grow 

     2. There is a gap between where the Executive is now and where they want to be

With an Executive Coach, you will:

     · Be “in action” because you set the goals you really want

     · Have a balanced life because you designed it

     · Make better decisions because your focus becomes clear and defined

     · Gain closure and clear up unresolved issues

     · Learn to ask for what you want from yourself and others so that your needs are met

     · Your Coach will nudge you out of your comfort zone, challenge assumptions and choices, and bring

       credible, fresh tools and ideas to the table

     · Your Coach will help you reach higher without getting consumed in the process


  • Engages, challenges and strengthens the performance of key leaders
  • Helps Executives accelerate the achievement of their goals and priorities
  • Offers professional support dedicated to unleashing the highest potential
  • Creates programs tailored to client objectives and the Executive's specific needs and constraints
  • Improves individual focus and team performance while developing increased professional competence