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Gina certainly has a lot of true stories to tell based on her 28 years in law enforcement.  Telling Stories is her passion.   Gina also has many lessons to share on leadership, navigating chaos, crisis and change, building teams that obtain peak performance and being a female executive working in male dominated organizations.  Gina engages her audience with high energy, passion and a desire to motivate people to achieve their goals and live their best lives.

Secret Weapons to turn Chaos & Crisis into Courage & Accomplishment

As leaders, we long to be unstoppable as we achieve our goals.  Despite our best intentions, we can get distracted and derailed.  The world around us is so complicated.  It seems like we’re constantly responding to curveballs thrown our way.  Gina has navigated the highest levels of chaos, crisis and change while maintaining her vision and achieving excellence.  In this talk, she shares her stories of working in the trenches during her nearly three decade career in the Army and FBI, with usable lessons on how to successfully navigate chaos, crisis and change.  Gina provides specific tools you can apply in your own personal and professional life.

  • Eliminate Chaos:  Create a solid path to success by getting out of your own way.
  • Build an Effective Road Map:  Identify core values and set priorities.
  • Crisis can be Managed:  Be the hero in your own story and take charge
  • Change is inevitable:  Clear out the clutter so you can see around corners and create the vision for your best life.

Collaborative Leadership
increase morale and productivity in the workplace

Business is changing. With today’s workforce, leading from a position of authority is not nearly as effective as understanding power is greatest when coming from a collective team.  Transparency, flexibility and compassion are skills that describe today’s successful leaders.  Gina will share how she went from a “lead from the front” leader during her time in the military to becoming a “servant leader,” inspiring a workforce of tech experts to becoming the largest, most award-winning Cyber and Computer Forensic Program in the FBI.  Topics include:

  • Secure a Competitive Advantage:  Identify key strategic partnerships.
  • Build Effective Teams:  Micromanagement is the death of ingenuity.
  • Increase Morale and Productivity:  Ensure your workforce owns the mission.
  • Develop Key Leaders from Within:  Trust, recognition and delegation builds talent and loyalty while building a solid leadership staff

Leading Male Dominated Work Forces…Authentically

Gina knows what it’s like to be the only women in the room.  When she enlisted in the Army, only 10% of the soldiers were “female.”  When she joined the FBI in 1996, 14% of the Agents were women.  The more confident she became, Gina stopped taking on the leadership traits of her male counterparts and embraced her feminine leadership skill set to rise through the ranks to executive levels as a high-achieving leader.  In this dynamic, entertaining presentation, Gina shares stories of her successes (and failures) on her path to building award-winning teams while leading authentically.  Topics include:

  • Have the Courage to Lead Unapologetically:  Perfection is not an option.  
  • Master Conflict Resolution:  Set effective boundaries and realistic priorities and stick to them.
  • Eliminate Self-Imposed Limitations:  Stop taking things personally.
  • Live Outside the Box:  Thrive (not just survive) in challenging situations and beyond.

Life's lessons from behind the crime scene

During her 28-year law enforcement career, Gina chased Cold War spies, arrested violent gangsters, foiled terrorist attacks and tracked down cyber-criminals.  The skills she used in the field to maintain order and effective decision-making – focus, organization, persistence, courage and creativity among others – are the same strategies you can use to prepare for and respond to unexpected events, slay the dragons that singe your eyebrows, and succeed in your personal and professional missions to live your best life.  Topics include:   

  • Use Your Tactical Advantage:  Identify your strengths and collaborate with others to defy your weaknesses.
  • Identify and Eliminate the Threat:  What’s stopping you from reaching your goals and why are you allowing it?
  • Is This the Hill You Want to Die On?  Get out of your own way and live life with intention.
  • Make Sure Your Port is Built Before Your Ship Comes In:  Prepare yourself for success.

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