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jerri williams
author and podcast host
fbi special agent, retired

Jerri Williams has always been a storyteller and, after serving 26 years as a Special Agent in the FBI, she has plenty of stories to tell.  During most of her Bureau career, she worked major economic fraud investigations and was amazed at the schemes and deceptions con-artist and corrupt corporate and public officials would devise to steal other people’s money.  She notes that with a gun, they can steal hundreds.  But with a lie, they can steam millions.

Jerri is using her prior professional experiences with scams and schemers to write crime fiction about greed and often jokes that she is reliving her glory days by producing and hosting FBI Retired Case File Review, a true crime and history podcast where she interviews retired FBI Agents about their high-profile cases and careers.  Based on her experience as an FBI spokesperson, she also debunks misconceptions about the FBI and is under contract as a technical consultant for major TV networks and production companies wanting to create authentic FBI dramas and characters.


Om FBI Myths and Misconceptions: A Manual for Armchair Detectives, she presents the top 20 cliches about the FBI in books, TV and movies.  Each cliché has its own chapter, where Jerri provides a reality check while breaking down the facts.  The entertaining companion book with advanced FBI themes, FBI Word Search Puzzles: Fun for Armchair Detectives is also available.  Her crime novels – Pay to Play and Greedy Givers – feature a female FBI Agent assigned to a Public Corruption and Fraud Squad in Philadelphia.  Actual true crime FBI cases inspired both books.

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