Cyber Security and Resilience


Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem. It is a business problem that needs to be addressed from the top down. Gina shares her wisdom and experience gained from responding to the country's most damaging cyber-attacks by teaching your workforce how to keep critical assets safe from cyber predators.

Collaborative Leadership


With today's workforce, leading from a position of authority is not nearly as effective as understanding power is greatest when coming from a collective team. Gina presents examples of how transparency, flexibility and collaboration are skills that make today's leaders successful.

Insider Threat/Corporate Espionage


Over 90% of all cyber breaches are caused by human error. No matter how much money is spent on firewalls, encryption and antivirus software, cyber security can be defeated by an employee simply clicking on an email link. Gina explains how to prevent threats to your company caused by witting and unwitting employees.

Female Empowerment


Gina shares her real-life adventures to captivate and inspire audiences. Albert Einstein said, "Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible."  Gina relates how taking risks and bouncing back from adversity make it possible to achieve the impossible.