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Gina certainly has a lot of true stories to tell based on her 28 years in law enforcement.  Telling Stories is her passion.   Gina also has a lot of lessons to share on leadership, navigating chaos, crisis and change, building teams that obtain peak performance and being a female executive working in male dominated organizations.  Gina engages her audience with high energy, passion and a desire to motivate people to achieve their goals and live their best lives.

Engaging with audiences around the world both virtually and in person.


“Gina L. Osborn is a thought-provoking leader and speaker who engages her audience from the moment she steps on the stage.”

Elizabeth Robert, Director or Global Investigations, The Walt Disney Company

Most Requested topics

Leading Through Chaos, Crisis and Change

As leaders, we long to be unstoppable as we achieve our goals. Despite the best intentions, we can get distracted and derailed. The world around us is so complicated, causing business, small and large, to pivot to a "new normal."

Gina L. Osborn has navigated the highest levels of chaos, crisis and change while maintaining her vision and achieving excellence. In this talk, she shares her stories of working in the trenches during her nearly three decades in the FBI and the Army, with usable lessons about how to successfully lead through chaos, crisis and change. She provides specific tools her audiences can take with them and apply to their own professional and personal lives.

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Collaborative Leadership

Business is changing. With today's workforce, leading from a position of authority is not nearly as effective as understanding power is greatest when coming from a collective team. Transparency, flexibility and compassion are skills that describe today's successful leaders.

Gina L. Osborn will share how she went from a "lead from the front" leader during her time in the military to becoming a "servant leader," inspiring a workforce of tech experts to becoming the largest, award-winning Cyber and Computer Forensic Program in the FBI. Gina will also discuss how the key to competitive advantage is through strategic partnerships.

“Gina’s experiences in the FBI were presented to the group in dynamic succession.  To say the women in the room were awed is an understatement.”

Georgina Harris, Director, Cohn Reznick

Lessons from Behind the Crime Scene

Chasing Cold War spies, foiling terrorist attacks and tracking down cyber-criminals were all in a day's work for FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Gina L. Osborn. Now retired, this dynamic speaker shares her real-life experiences relating to leadership, communication and team building through dramatic and often heart-pounding stories.

The message she shares will improve collaboration, combat chaos and conflict and help achieve higher morale and performance in your work force. She will also provide steps on how to effectively perform during a crisis.

Lead Like a Lady

What does it mean to Lead Like a Lady? Gina L. Osborn worked in two male dominated fields for 28 years. For most of it, if you would have accused her of leading like a lady, she would have been offended. Now, she is proud of it. Gina fought in the trenches, embracing her feminine skill set, and rose through the ranks to executive levels as a dynamic leader.

Gina will share lessons in leading authentically, mastering conflict resolution, eliminating self-imposed limitations and provides steps audience members take to thrive in challenging situations.

“Having heard many speakers tackle a range of leadership issues, Gina Osborn is among the top of the list.”

Michelle Jordan, Jordan Strategic Strategies


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Whether you are looking for a motivational key note, event speaker or business presentation/training, Gina will be sure to tell stories that are full of inspiration and thought-provoking lessons.  Gina is just as dynamic virtually as she is in person.  She is also willing to craft a presentation for your needs.