Executive Leadership Coach | Public Speaker | FBI Special Agent (Retired)


Gina L. Osborn
Executive Leadership Coach

As a retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Gina empowers executives to dynamically lead through crisis and change

gina's philosophy

Having responded to some of the most prolific counterterrorism and cyber-attacks in the country during my 22 year FBI career, I’m using my experiences to empower clients to lead successfully through crisis, chaos and change.  I believe being a great leader starts with having the courage to be yourself. Leading with authenticity improves our interpersonal skills and allows people to lead with a purpose.

Through a series of one-on-one sessions created for C-Suite level executives, I co-create a road map to stronger, more effective leadership by establishing dynamic goals, removing limiting beliefs and providing accountability to overcome hurdles to achieve better performance. 

Sometimes, we are our own worst critic.  By removing self-imposed limitations, setting boundaries in our relationships and exploring personal improvement, we can silence our inner critic which allows space for self-awareness, creativity and vision. I empower my clients to embody their leadership skill set so they can better be seen and heard in their work environments and personal relationships.


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