Are You Ready to Roll?

Gina L. Osborn

Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host

FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Retired

Crisis can be managed
Chaos can be controlled
Change is inevitable

Are you struggling with navigating the “New Normal?” Is there yellow tape surrounding various aspects of your life?  Are you looking to create space to deal with the chaos, crisis or change that is keeping you in a holding pattern and not moving forward?   



The reality of it is, you are constantly confronted with chaos, crisis or change, and you often struggle to handle it.  An upheaval in your business as a result of the pandemic, a cyber attack shuts down operations, your parent gets sick or even simply the demands of juggling everyday life, it doesn’t have to derail you from your goals or force you to make sacrifices to your own health and happiness.  


You can rise to the challenge in these moments, tap into your inner hero, and learn to be better prepared for the next conflict that comes around.  Learn how to respond to whatever curveballs get thrown your way and not only deal with them but thrive in spite of them.  Gina is an expert at identifying your tactical advantage and creating clarity so you can see around corners and prevent chaos from seeping into your life.


Gina L. Osborn specializes in navigating (and leading through) Chaos, Crisis and Change.  Having responded to catastrophic terrorist attacks and cyber hacks as an FBI Special Agent, and chasing Cold War spies in the Army, she shares tools and techniques in her coaching and speaking to eliminate chaos, lead effectively through crisis and embrace change as an opportunity.  

Get Ready to Roll!



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