Speaking Testimonials

"As the keynote speaker for Voice for Girls, Gina Osborn was riveting! Gina tapped into her extensive pool of FBI experiences and success in bringing more women to the field of law enforcement. She generated excitement and momentum around the unique perspectives and collaborative strengths women bring to the workplace. I highly recommend Gina as a speaker for any business or organization to attract our next generation of female leaders."
Vikki Shepp
CEO of Girl Scouts Orange County
"We had the pleasure of hosting Gina Osborn as the keynote speaker of our Executive Women's Forum (EVF). EVF centers on strong women and strong ideas. Gina's experiences in the FBI were presented to the group in dynamic succession. To say the women in the room were awed is an understatement. But just as impressive as Gina's career was her ability to insight an open discussion among our attendees. The dialogue touched on everything from femininity in the workplace to honing effective leadership skills. Gina is proof that the glass ceiling can, and should, be shattered."
Georgina Harris
Director, Cohn Reznick, LLP
"Having heard many speakers tackle a range of leadership issues, Gina Osborn is among the top of the list. Her presentation on Collaborative Leadership, delivered through her unique filter as a (former) FBI Agent, offers a thoughtful and distinctive "take" and a fresh way to think about it. Gina's information is grounded in solid feet-to-the-fire experience, and she delivers it all in a friendly, engaging and approachable way!""
Michelle Jordan
Jordan Strategic Communications
"Gina Osborn is an incredibly talented communicator. She is the consummate professional. Her military and FBI experiences demand confidence as demonstrated in her abilities to "own the room." Through her collaborative style, Gina has brought together public safety, utility companies, entertainment industry and private sector partners together to achieve highly successful cybersecurity programs. Additionally, she is a tremendous "leadership" role model who is well known for motivating people by instilling self-confidence to achieve personal success."
Michael R. Hillmann
LAPD Deputy Chief, Retired
"Gina Osborn is a eloquent and dynamic speaker! I had the opportunity to see her on a professional panel. Her remarks were on point and her delivery was genuine and engaging. She is also a captivating story teller, and I look forward to hearing her speak in the future."
Jana Monroe
VP of Global Security, Herbalife Nutrition
"Gina L. Osborn is a dynamic, thought-provoking leader and speaker who engages her audience from the moment she steps on the stage.She is an expert at leading through chaos, crisis and change and helps people effectively navigate any obstacle that stands in their way. Gina draws on her exciting law enforcement background and punctuates her lessons by sharing heart-pounding stories. Gina is a problem solver, communicator, coach and motivator, and she does it all with style, compassion and a sense of humor. I truly enjoyed being part of her speaking experience."
Elizabeth Robert
Director of Global Investigations, Disney